Speak Brazilian Portuguese Basic Course

If you are in search of the Portuguese Course and are wanting to learn Speak Portuguese, stay here in this post that you will know if this Portuguese Course is what you are really looking for.

Here you will know if the Portuguese Course carmen moura is good? Works? Does it work? Is it really worth it? Is the Creator Serious? Do you have Experience and Credibility? The Objective of this Article is precisely to Answer these Questions Acera of this course.

Speak Brazilian Portuguese

This is perhaps one of the best courses that will teach you Portuguese online course that the market has been waiting for so much.

After many people are in search of online Portuguese classes, Carmen Moura with extensive knowledge on the subject, decides to launch the Portuguese Course, to which is changing the way people learn.

What is the Portuguese Course

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About Carmen Moura

Carmen is a trilingual professional teacher of Portuguese for Foreigners, a Brazilian born in Nova Friburgo; a city surrounded by mountains, located in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

She is a qualified communicator who holds many certificatesdegrees, and a Post-graduation in Teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language in Distance Learning. She has over 18 years of experience teaching, and 10 of them in Portuguese for foreigners. She has great international experience in enterprise environments, as well as in the communication and linguistic fields.

She has taught in courses that require high-performance teacher training and expertise. She has created her own Portuguese project, ‘Hello Portuguese’ school, since 2014.

She has traveled abroad since a very young age and lived in the U.S. where she attended an American University, which gave her great cultural flexibility. Over the years, her passion for helping people speak and connect to the culture, plus her knowledge and experience learning languages, led her to specialize in the area of Portuguese for Foreigners. She has helped more than 600 students to learn Portuguese online; one-on-one Skype lessons, small groups, and platforms.

“My work consists of teaching, producing, guiding, and coaching students from around the globe with Brazilian Portuguese. I help them in all aspects in breaking the language barriers and approaching the Brazilian culture. I work with all language skills and methods. I’m very up-to-date with the Post method Pedagogy and strategy framework.

My main specialty is helping students speak and communicate well in Portuguese. I work directly on their speech and its construction through the Communicative Approach, Audio-lingual along with modern technologies. I also believe my Intercultural Approach to learning and teaching has been a highlight in the progress of my students. They have the opportunity to connect with something greater, beyond the language; accessing the Brazilian culture, under a very respectful perspective, regarding the multilinguistic and multicultural diversity.

I’ve been teaching one-on-one classes (PLE) for over 10 years, customizing my students’ experience according to their main goals, and I have many success cases.

I created this course because I want to reach more students in a less complex, easy-to-follow, and more affordable way. Besides, I can outline the steps by organizing them, and share key elements that helped my students speak Portuguese over the years.

And after long years of using this technique, he decides to open the “black box” and teach you a step-by-step in this course.

All about the Portuguese Course

In this part you will know the modules that make up this course.

  • Introduction and greetings
  • Verbs termination (ar/er/ir); regular x basic irregular
  • Requesting and providing personal information and directions
  • Making invitations and questions
  • Useful expressions
  • Home, work, food, leisure, vocabulary (others)
  • Numbers / Family
  • Acknowledgments and Cultural insights reading
  • Expressing preferences, desires and doubts
  • Talking and asking about day-to-day activities
  • Talking and asking about present and future activities
  • Food / Restaurant language
  • Asking and telling the time
  • “More and more useful sentences and rules that even intermediate to advanced students find out they didn’t know before.

See also what else you will take from BONUSES:

Support via WhatsApp, Email and Student area – contact with the teacher, ask questions at anytime and receive constant feedback on your pronunciation through extra assignments via WhatsApp

See the testimonials of those who made the Portuguese Course

But you may be asking yourself, “Will I be able to apply everything that is taught in this course?” I know this may seem difficult, but look what people are talking about this course⤵⤵

Portuguese Course Online work the best Portuguese Course Online

Does the Portuguese Course have any guarantees?

Calm down, even if you do not like the course to which Carmen Moura has the full conviction that this will not happen, you will have 15 days to ask for a refund without any problem.

How to invest in the Portuguese Course ?

To be able to invest in this course, simply click on the button below that you will be redirected to the official website.

On the purchase button from within the official website, you will be redirected to the Hotmart platform which is a secure online transaction platform and you will receive an email with the login and password for you to have access to your course.

The value of it, is so lower than what it delivers to you, that this course could easily be delivered for more than $1000.00, but calm that this is not the value of the course.

Carmen Moura made a special condition. You can split the course value up to 12X times.

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It is always good to remember that if you are buying, from any source other than the official website, you will have great risks of receiving a counterfeit product, with classes missing, will not have the support of the producer or even not receive the product and stay in the loss.


After you see all this, referring to the Portuguese Course carmen Moura is extremely important, if you want to grow your business and saw that it is not worth it, if you do not want to take the first step, because you will have all the necessary tools to learn learn Portuguese online.

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